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In this blog, team smmgalaxy showing you how we are the easy smm panel of india, And how easy it is to use smmgalaxy platform to boost or increase your social media apprence on instagam, youtube or faceook or anywhere, Because social media apperence matters to you, And we understand that.

1: Very Easy Sign Up Option

Its very easy to sign up on smmgalaxy, We ask no re confirmation of anything, you just put the basic details and the account is made for free of cost, it will just take 5 seconds to make account easily, Yes as our valuble customer we suggest you to add right and valid email address in order to protect your account or recover it when you lose it for some reason, Valid email id will help you everything to imporve your experience at smmgalaxy Like [ Save money, Alert for new service, Recover your account from loss, Get updates, Protection of your details and orders and much more ]

easy smm panel

2: Easy Catagory and Service Selection

At smmgalaxy you will find anything and everything that you need for your social media account, we have categories things for you in a way where you can easily find the services you need, All catagory contain at least 10-20 services for every client according to thier need and choice so just check wisely and buy it

easy smm panel

3: Every Page has Easy Tutorial Videos

We have added Short 30-40 seconds of videos on every page you visit in order to learn easily, in case you are new user to our platform and do not know how to use smmgalaxy, You can simple check videos on every page you visit, For example: You click on add order and do not know how to add order so just check the video & learn quickly and add order that's how all page has videos so you never get confuse while using our platform 

easy smm panel

4: Every page has Easy " Contact us " option

We keep " Instant Contact us " option on every page bottom in order to give you instant support just in case you need it, so you don't have to go back on contact us page, payment issue ? just tap below button, order issue, just tap below button, So that's how you can scale how imporatnt for us to serve our client at any cost, we never let our client suffer for anything at our platofrm

easy smm panel

5: Easy Multiple payment options + Protection

WE provide multiple payment options, And good things is that each and every client payemnt get add, we take the payment problems at very serious point, no jokes about it because we understand the value of your money, 95% clients amount get auto add but some clients pay from various new apps or bank apps, so whenver the account is not added, They simple Contact us and team help them quickly, Payment get add instantly with system or with our support, no delay for payments 

WE do not use our own payment method where we ask for your confidential information such as card number or any other details, we use only india's most trusted and reliable paltform payments to collect the payments so you can also feel confident while payment + We never ask for any otp or any other kind of privet information to add the payment, We keep this process very simple and safe 

easy smm panel

6: 100% Confidential and Privacy

Your top to bottom all details are safe with us, We have daily thousand of orders that process through smmgalaxy and we really never check who is who, We smmgalaxy never even give access to anyone's account details, Smmgalaxy only check your orders issue with order id you privde, Only and only order id is needed to solve the issue, rest there is nothing to check

7: Cost effective

We understand what our indian people need, So that's how and what price we keep of serivce, We continue try to give the best service at as low as possbile so you can also save money and grow your social media accoun with minimal investment possbile, Check our prices in " Services " Our cheapest price starts from almost 0.20 paise which instagram saves, There are many, you just need to explore and find the best suitable deal for you

easy smm panel

Still Finding it difficult ?

Watch our easy Hindi explained videos to understand: Click here

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